Task 1

Match the sentences on the left with the answers on the right

Excuse me b).That’s all right
Here you are c). All right
I’ve got a problem d). Not at all
Thanks very much e). It’s too expensive
Could you do me a favour? f) Thanks very much
That’s very kind of you. g) Oh, yes. What’s the matter?
Have you tried the Royal hotel? h) Yes?

Task 2

Which description fits which game?

Lawn tennis
Table tennis

The most popular English summer game , played on green field, very slow and long by two teams of 11 players each.
One of the most popular English games, played from late August until the beginning of May on a large field with a round leather ball, by two teams of 11 players each.
A very popular outdoor game, played on a court with rackets in which the ball must pass back and forth over a net.
A game, played by two or teams of two players on a rectangular table, using wood paddles and a small plastic ball.

Task 3

Read the four possible ways to complete the sentences and choose the only one.

London’s history began from…

Westminster abbey
The city
St’ Paul’s Cathedral

What is the official royal residence?

a) Windsor Castle

b) Buckingham palace

c) Burlington house

d) Albert hall

Task 4

Fill in the blanks using the words below. You don’t have to use all the words.

Brothers, foreign, go. Live, met, old, quite, staying, study, summer, teacher

Dear Chantal,

My name is Fiona Peters. I_____ in a house in Boston, Massachusetts. I’ am 17 years old and I have two____. John is 15 and Sean is 12. We all______ to the same school near our home . My parents both work. My father works in a bank and my mother is a_____. She teaches English to ________students like you.

At school I _____foreign languages. I want to study Russian and French at university. Most summers I go to France on vocation so I can speak French______well. Next___ I’m spending a month in St’ Petersburg. I’m ____with a Russian boy called Dimitri. I____Dimitry last year. He came to my mother’s school. He studies English. I’m looking forward to meeting you next month.

Best wishes.


Task 5

Complete the sentences

What’s your job?

Person b. teacher c. Peter

How are you?

I’m_____, thanks.

Fine b. seventeen c. hell

John and Marry___married.

are b. is c. have

How much is this?

It’s ___

Four dollars b. four kilos c. four years

__—do you live?

Where b. who c. what