Задания для проведения школьного этапа Всероссийской олимпиады школьников по английскому языку для учащихся 9-11 классов в 2011-2012 учебном году.

(разработала Гришина Марина Николаевна — учитель английского языка МБОУ ДСОШ №3 города Дятьково Брянской области)

1. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A – F for each part (1-5) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use.


This is a full-length (ninety minutes) cartoon, which is entertaining for both adults and children over six. The animation and colour are of very high quality and the story has lost of fun and excitement. The plot is quick moving and full of surprises. There is romance, action, comedy, music and lots of fantastic songs and dances.
The young woman is shown in a “shepherdress” hat and white dress, recalling a classical chiton. The background landscape, common in such paintings, seems to indicate the heroine’s closeness to nature, to the ordinary joys of life. The painter’s colour range – at times as translucent as porcelain, at others muted like mother-of-pearl – is based upon subtle plays of grey and green, light blue and pink.
In this picture one is struck by the artist’s absolute mastery in portraying natural details, whether the dry, sandy soil of the forest, the clear stream of water, the yellow bark and fluffy needles of the pines, or the sense of a bright, clear, calm summer day. The artist managed to create an image familiar to anyone who has seen a Russian forest.
Have a good time on the most lively and exciting island in the Caribbian. Relax under a palm tree on the white sandy beaches. Swim in the clear, blue sea. Listen to the bands playing Calypso music. Or get really adventurous and go scuba diving for sunken treasure on the sea bed. Join in the many cultural celebrations we offer.
Do you like Latin American dancing? Do you want to dance like you see in the films and on the stage? Do you want to feel the rhythm of the music in your body and in your soul? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, join our Latin dance classes. All are welcome!

2. Read the text and choose the answer (a, b, c) for each questions 6 – 10.


We often hear a saying «Don’t invent a bicycle» about something simple and known for a long time.Really, the bicycle is old enough — more than a hundred years of age. Its first prototype appeared in 1791 in France. In 1800 a Russian peasant Artamonov made an iron bicycle and travelled on it from Nizhni Tagil to Moscow.

First bicycles looked odd: a large (about 1.5m high) front wheel with a cranked axle. The back wheel was usually smaller. Bicycles were made of iron and riding them was not comfortable because of shaking. They were even called «boneshakers». In 1868 rubber tyres were invented, first solid, then pneumatic. New types of bicycles appeared every year but only in 1885 people saw a model which looked like modern cycles. It had two almost equal wheels and a chain drive to the rear wheel. The frame of the cycle was diamond-shaped. This shape survived and became basic. The new machine looked more elegant than the old «spiders» which were soon abandoned. As time went by, new bicycles were invented — for two, three and even fifteen riders!

The first bicycle race was held in 1868 in Paris. But the sport became popular only several decades later because bicycles were expensive and only rich people could afford them. By the end of the 19th century many factories produced thousands of bicycles which became cheap, so many people could practise cycling and take part in various competitions.

Cycling competitions are generally divided into road and track events. Both kinds are in the Olympic programme. Olympic road events include individual and team races. Individual races’ distances are different usually up to 200 kilometres. The winner is the first cyclist who passes over the finish line with his front wheel. In the team road event the teams start the contest with 2-4 minutes interval, and that team wins whose members get the best sum of timings.

Track events take place on special cycling tracks which look like elongated stadiums with a sloping runway made of concrete, wood or plastics.
Track events are very spectacular. The Olympic programme includes 1 km sprint races, 1 km heat or time trial, individual pursuit and team pursuit over 4 km.

Modern sport bicycles are very light but firm machines made of special metals.

6. How old is a bicycle?

a) 240

b) 220

c) 190

7. How did the first bicycles look like?

a) a large front wheel with a cranked axle.

b) a small front wheel with a cranked axle.

c) a large back wheel with a cranked axle.

8. When were pneumatic tyres invented?

a) in 1875

b) in 1885

c) in 1868

9. Where and when were the first bicycle races held?

a) in 1886 in Paris

b) in 1868 in Russia

c) in 1868 in Paris

10. . What events are included in cycling competitions?
a) individual and team events

b) road and track events

c) road and team events

3. Change the form of the verbs (11 — 15) which you think fits best according to the text.

Waking Up

Jerry hated the way his wife woke him up in the morning. It showed that she was angry with

him and it ____(11)________like that every day

But it was really dangerous ________(12)________an artist like that! It made him feel bad for hours — simply hours.

She came into the room in her working clothes , with a handkerchief over her head , just to

show him that she _______(13)__________up much earlier and now ________(14)__________ about the house.

She called in her low warning voice: « Jerry! What! What s the matter?» « It is time to get up. It is half past eight.» And then she left the room, _______(15)_______the door quietly behind her.


4. Change the form of the words (16 – 20) which you think fits best according to the text.

The Oldest Road

The M 1 road is the grandfather of the British motorway system. The southern section celebrate its silver jubilee in November 1984. Nowadays it is a mass of traffic with large numbers of trucks, and you need all your____(16)______ on the road. Not that this matters too much. This part follows a ______(17)_______ route north from the capital, and the sights here are not at all special.

Only when you reach Bedfordshire, and the pace relaxes slightly, it is worth considering turning off. From there on you can find a lot of _______(18)_____ things to do.

The countryside isn’t spectacular, but it is almost always lovely and _______(19)_____typical English shire country, with rolling hills, good walks and views, interesting churches and _____(20)________country houses. Further north, there is an interesting mixture of handsome market and industrial sites and pleasant country in the foothills of the Pennies.


5. Comment on the following statement (200 – 250 words).

Computers play an important role in our life. However, some people worry about their negative influence on the younger generation.




had done

to wake

had got

was working