Задание № 1 Выберите один правильный вариант (20 баллов)

Вопрос № 1

1. It …snow in summer.

1)don’t 2)doesn’t 3)isn’t

Вопрос № 2

… Dad … any brothers or sisters?

1)Have Dad got 2)Does Dad have 3)Does Dad has

Вопрос № 3

We’ll go to Rome … bus.

1)by 2)on 3)in

Вопрос № 4

You can buy stamps at … post office.

1)any 2)some 3)no

Вопрос № 5

Does this car use … petrol?

1)many 2)much 3)a few

Вопрос № 6

I’ll post the letter …

1)by me 2)oneself 3)myself

Вопрос № 7 This is … theater in London.

1)an older 2)the eldest 3)the oldest

Вопрос № 8

His leg was hurt and he could … walk.

1)hard 2)hardly 3)heavily

Вопрос № 9

Ann is going to New York on a business … this week.

1)journey 2)travel 3)trip

Вопрос № 10

They left Moscow … London 2 years ago.

1)for 2)to 3)at

Вопрос № 11

Where is … bag? It’s gone.

1)a 2)— 3)the

Вопрос № 12

Nobody enjoyed the food. It was …

1)tasteless 2)tasty 3)delicious

Вопрос № 13

He was an excellent actor and his … was always a success.

1)act 2)performance 3)game

Вопрос № 14

Who can tell me where …

1)is my key 2)my key is 3)my key was

Вопрос № 15

You just … what you have done.

1)see 2)watch 3)look

Вопрос № 16

He … school this year.

1)finished 2)has finished 3)was finished

Вопрос № 17

She got tired of big cities and moved to the country in search of a more … life.

1)quiet 2)soft 3)still

Вопрос № 18

He … too many mistakes in his test and the teacher was displeased.

1)did 2)wrote 3)made

Вопрос № 19

Hurry up! We have very … time.

1)many 2)little 3)few

Вопрос № 20

They all have worked … at their English.

1)good 2)hardly 3)hard

Задание № 2 Хорошо ли вы знаете страну изучаемого языка? Выбери правильный ответ (8 баллов)

Вопрос № 1

The capital of Great Britain is

1)New York 2)Washington 3)London

Вопрос № 2

Who climbs the chimney and puts presents into the stockings on the eve of Christmas

1)Father Frost 2)Santa Claus 3)snowman

Вопрос № 3

At what age do students go to a secondary school in Britain

1)at the age of 12-13 2)at the age of 9-10 3)at the age of 11-12

Вопрос № 4

The coronation of all British Kings and Queens takes place in

1)The Tower of London 2)in Westminster Abbey 3)in the Houses of Parliament

Вопрос № 5

Speaker’s Corner is in

1)Hyde Park 2)Kensington Gardens 3)Regent’s Park

Вопрос № 6

Daniel Defoe wrote

1)“The Life And Strange Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe “ 2)“Peter Pan” 3)“The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer”

Вопрос № 7

London stands on

1)the Volga 2)the Thames 3)the Nile

Вопрос № 8

Where can you see the figures of great characters of history, art, film-stars, pop-singers and sportsmen

1)in Natural History Museum 2)in Madame Tussauds’s Museum 3)in MOMI

Задание № 3 Прочитай текст и выбери верные утверждения, которые соответствуют содержанию текста (10 баллов)

Bradley Pitt

William Bradley Pitt was born on 18th December, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma (USA). He had a happy childhood and school life, and he went to the University of Missouri to study journalism and advertising. At university he started acting and in 1987 he left before he took his degree. He went to Hollywood.

Life in Hollywood wasn’t easy. At first he couldn’t find any acting jobs, but by 1989 he started getting small TV and film roles. Then nine years ago, in 1991, he got his first main role as a DJ in the film Thelma and Louise. He was on screen for only 14 minutes but a lot of people noticed him and he started to get bigger roles in films, such as Louise in Interview with the Vampire.

Brad Pitt is now one of Hollywood’s most successful actors. His name almost certainly means a film is going to make a lot of money, but at the moment, he is interested in making more serious films, such as Seven years in Tibet.

1. Brad Pitt was born in Canada.

2. His birthday is in winter.

3. He was happy when he was young.

4. He went to the University because he wanted to be an actor.

5. He took his degree in 1987.

6. His life in Hollywood was difficult.

7. He got his first role as a DJ in 1991.

8. He was on screen for a short time.

9. Brad Pitt has a success in Hollywood now.

10. He is interested in making comedies.

Вопрос № 1

Прочитай текст и выбери верные утверждения, которые соответствуют содержанию текста

А) 1,3,5,7,8,10

B) 2,4,6,8,9,10



Олимпиада по английскому языку

7-8 класс

Задание № 1Прочитайте текст объявления/ письма 1 -10. О чем идет речь в тексте? Выберите ответ A, B или C (10 баллов)

Вопрос № 1

University Library: Please wait here while we check your books

Do not go away until we have checked your books.

Check you have all your books before you leave the library.

Do not leave books here for checking without telling us.

Вопрос № 2

Hospital waiting room: Please put all children’s toys back in this room before you leave

We leave some toys at the back of this room for children.

Please don’t leave any toys outside this room when you go.

Remember to take your children’s toys with you when you leave.

Вопрос № 3

No bicycles against glass please

Do not leave your bicycle touching the window.

Broken glass may damage your bicycle tyres.

Your bicycle may not be safe here.

Вопрос № 4

Swimming Club: Saturday’s competition starts at 6 p.m. Arrive one hour before for a practice swim.

The swimming competition will last for one hour.

All swimmers should get some practice before Saturday.

There is an opportunity to swim before the competition starts.

Вопрос № 5

From: Kim

To: Sally

Feeling any better? When you’re back at college, remember to register for the film course. Email me if you want any information about it.

Why has Kim emailed Sally?

to give her some details

to let her know that he’s ill

to remind her to do something

Вопрос № 6

Not as big a city as we expected, but that’s okay. Limited nightlife, though there’s plenty to see every day and travelling around is painless. Martyna

According to Martyna, the city’s disadvantage is

its actual size.

its transport system.

its evening entertainment.

Вопрос № 7

Message 1


We’re outside the cinema. Text if you’re going to be late and we’ll wait and watch the next film. If you’re not coming, we’ll go in now.


What should Peter do?

let Stefan know if he is delayed.

tell Stefan which film he wants to watch.

wait for Stefan inside the cinema

Вопрос № 8


Lina rang. She’s lost the notes she took in class about the history homework and wants to borrow yours. She can come here later for them if that’s OK.


Lina would like to know if Natasha is going to do her history homework later this evening.

Lina wants to compare the notes she wrote about the history homework with Natasha’s.

Lina hopes she can look at the information Natasha has for the history homework.

Вопрос № 9

From: Monika

To: Anna

Hi. Have you remembered about the youth club camping trip?

We have to tell the organiser tomorrow if we’re interested and I wanted to know if you’re going.

Why has Monika written the email?

to check if Anna is going on the trip.

to ask Ana to book places on the trip.

to remind Anna about the date of the trip.

Вопрос № 10


I won’t be back in time to take you to the dance class. I have arranged for Emily’s mum to collect you at 5. Please be ready and remember your things.


What must Zoe do?

Get ready for the dance class before Emily’s mother arrives.

Ask Emily’s mother for a lift to the dance class.

Collect her things for the dance class from Emily’s mother.

Задание № 2 Выберите правильный вариант (20 баллов)

Вопрос № 1

How long……….here?

1)you live 2)do you live 3)have you lived 4)are you living

Вопрос № 2

……….I help you with the cooking?

1)Will 2)Am 3)Shall 4)Have

Вопрос № 3

He hasn’t left the office………..

1)yet 2)before 3)just 4)already

Вопрос № 4

I’m afraid I……….to come to the party.

1)don’t go 2)won’t 3)won’t be able 4)can’t

Вопрос № 5

……….big ears he’s got!

1)What 2)What a 3)How 4)Such

Вопрос № 6

That boy, ……….father is footballer, is very good at sports.

1)that 2)who’s 3)whose 4)which

Вопрос № 7

She was……….tired that she fell asleep.

1)so 2)such 3)enough 4)too

Вопрос № 8

He……….the best pianist alive.

1)thinks to be 2)is thought being 3)is thought be 4)is thought to be

Вопрос № 9

Do you know……….that man standing near Tom is?

1)who 2)whom 3)whose 4)who’s

Вопрос № 10

Jane……….Spanish for five years now.

1)teaches 2)is teaching 3)taught 4)has been teaching

Вопрос № 11

“What did you think of her new novel?” “I think it is the……….book she’s ever written.”

1)most interested 2)most interesting 3)more interesting 4)interested

Вопрос № 12

The money……….not enough to pay the bill.

1)are 2)were 3)has 4)was

Вопрос № 13

That is the……….incredible news I’ve ever heard.

1)most 2)more 3)very 4)far

Вопрос № 14

He works……….than anyone else in the company.

1)slower 2)slowest 3)slowly 4)more slow

Вопрос № 15

“Can I help you?” ”I’d like a……….of milk, please.”

1)box 2)carton 3)pot 4)rasher

Вопрос № 16

David……….to be the best player on the team.

1)says 2)is said 3)said 4)is saying

Вопрос № 17

“Is that Jane and Mary’s house?” “No , …………….is the one across the road.”

1)theirs 2)hers 3)their 4)there

Вопрос № 18

I need a break. I think I’ll go to the seaside ………..Easter.

1)in 2)on 3)at 4)from

Вопрос № 19

‘’Have you ever been to China?” “Yes, I………….there in 1990.”

1)have gone 2)went 3)have been going 4)have been

Вопрос № 20

Is there ……………….in the office?

1)anywhere 2)anybody 3)somewhere 4)everywhere

Задание № 3 Выберите правильный вариант (10 баллов)

Вопрос № 1

Agatha Christie is the “queen” of … stories.

1)adventure 2)“ghost” 3)detective

Вопрос № 2

Which is not a university town?

1)Oxford 2)Brighton 3)Cambridge

Вопрос № 3

What do people call New York? The Big…

1)Apple 2)Pot 3)City

Вопрос № 4

Canada has two official languages. What are they?

1)English and Spanish 2)English and French 3)English and Irish

Вопрос № 5

How many countries are there in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

1)3 2)5 3)4

Вопрос № 6

It is the residence of the Queen in London.

1)Buckingham Palace 2)The Tower 3)Westminster Abbey

Вопрос № 7

It is said that a famous fiction detective lived there.

1)Downing Street 2)The Royal Albert Hall 3)Baker Street

Вопрос № 8

Where did the Beatles come from?

1)Manchester 2)Liverpool 3)Bath

Вопрос № 9

Who is the head of Great Britain?

1)the President 2)the Queen or the King 3)the Prime Minister

Вопрос № 10

They say the Loch Ness Monster lives in a lake in…

1)Scotland 2)Wales 3)Ireland

Задание № 4 Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски 1-10 частями предложений, которые обозначены буквами A-K. Одна из частей в списке A-K лишняя (12 баллов)

Old Sultan

by Brothers Grimm

A shepherd had a faithful dog, called Sultan, 1_______________ and had lost all his teeth. One day when the shepherd and his wife were standing together before the house, the shepherd said, ‘I will shoot old Sultan tomorrow morning, 2______________.’ But his wife said, ‘Pray let the poor faithful creature live. He has served us well a great many years, so we ought to give him a job for the rest of his days.’ ‘But what can we do with him?’ said the shepherd, ‘He has not a tooth in his head 3_________________. Tomorrow shall be his last day.’

Poor Sultan, who was lying close by them, 4_________________ and was very much frightened to think tomorrow would be his last day, so in the evening he went to his good friend the wolf, who lived in the wood, and told him all his sorrows 5_______________. ‘Make yourself easy,’ said the wolf, ‘I will give you some good advice. Your master, you know, goes out every morning very early with his wife into the field and they take their little child with them and lay it down behind the hedge in the shade while they are at work. Now you lie down close by the child 6________________ and I will come out of the wood and run away with it. You must run after me as fast as you can and I will let it drop, then you may carry it back and they will think you have saved their child and 7 ____________________.’ The dog liked this plan and so it was managed. The wolf ran with the child a little way, the shepherd and his wife screamed out, but Sultan soon caught up with him and carried the poor little thing 8_________________. Then the shepherd patted him on the head and said, ‘Old Sultan 9__________________ and therefore he shall live and be well taken care of and have plenty to eat. Wife, go home and give him a good dinner and let him have my old cushion to sleep on as long as he lives.’ So from this time forward Sultan had all 10____________.

A. and how his master intended to kill him in the morning

В. and pretend to be watching it

С. heard all that the shepherd and his wife said to one another

D. who had grown very old

Е. because he is of no use now

F. and the thieves don’t care for him at all

G. back to his master and mistress

H. has saved our child from the wolf

I. will be so thankful to you that they will take care of you as long as you live

J. who lives on the hill

K. that he could wish for