Use of English.

PART 1. Circle the odd word in each group.

1. table chair window bed stool

2. bear funny fox elephant tiger

3. hot cold blue sad tired

4. chicken eat duck parrot penguin

5. TV computer video player mobile phone CD

PART 2. Match the definitions to the words.

6. get on a bus here a) cinema

7. play sports here b) bank

you can 8. buy things here c) leisure centre

9. watch films here d) bus station

10. get money here e) shops

PART 3. Underline the correct word.

11. It’s very hot today. Where’s my T-shirt/jacket?

12. Linda’s cold. She’s looking for her scarf/dress.

13. Let’s play volleyball. I’ve got my shoes/trainers here.

14. My mum’s eyes are fair/grey.

15. My brother’s hair is reddish-brown/tall.

16. How tall are you? I’m of medium length/medium height.

17. It’s a cold day. Where are you trousers/shorts?

18. I’m going to the beach. I need my baseball cap/socks.

19. Sarah’s hair is very tall/long.

20. Anne’s hair is quite shorts/fair.

PART 4. Write the questions in the interview with a pop star.

21. A) ……….

B) I usually get up at seven o’clock

22. A)

B) I always have an apple for breakfast

23. A) ……….

B) No, I don’t. I never drink coffee

24. A)

B) Well, now I’m drinking water. It’s very good for you

25. A) ……….

B) My favourite food is fruit

26. A)

B) No, I don’t like chocolate!

27. A) ……….

B) Yes, I can. I like to cook when I’m not working

28. A) ……….

B) Yes, I have. I’ve got two cats

29. A) ……….

B) The cats’ names are Wiffy and Scrunch

30. A) ……….

B) Yes, I like them


PART 5. What do these signs mean? Circle the correct option.

a) open in the evenings

31) Open 9:30-5.30, Monday-Saturday b) open every day

c) not open on Sundays

a) no bikes on the grass

32) Don’t ride your bike on the grass b) park your bikes on the grass

c) leave your bike at home

a) see you later

33) Welcome to London b) this is way to London

c) we hope you have a nice time here in London

a) don’t turn left

34) Keep to the left b) look to your left

c) stay on the left side

a) this is hotel room

35) Class 2A b) This is a classroom

c) This is a train

PART 6. Read the text and answer the questions.

“When I wake up I don’t get up immediately. I turn on the television and watch the children’s programmes and old movies until about half-past ten. Then I get up, go downstairs and switch on the telly. For lunch, I have biscuits and a glass of milk, and I watch the news. In the afternoon? I often watch another old film – they’re showing some good ones at the moment. In the evenings, I often watch soap operas or sport and the news again. I like the main news at six o’clock. At nine thirty, if there is a good play on BBC, I switch over and watch it. Then at night I watch more films and I usually switch off the telly at about two o’clock. I never watch the TV all night.”

What programmes does he watch in the morning?
What programmes does he watch in the evening?
What is his favourite programme?
When does he switch the TV off?
How many TV sets has he got?

PART 7. Read the following information and decide if the sentences below are true (T) or false (F).

Oscars – Brasserie Restaurant – an exclusive European – style restaurant with adjacent bar lounge at the south end of the Viewing Mall. Openings hours: Restaurant 12 noon – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 10.00pm. Telephone 545-3177

Le Cafe – specialises in Indian, Malay and local food, and western favourites. At the centre of the Viewing Mall. Open 8.00 am – 10.30pm. Telephone: 545-2413

Sakuraya Japanese Restaurant – a traditional Japanese restaurant serving typical Japanese dishes with style and grace. Open 11.00am – 3.00pm and 6.00pm – 10.00pm.

Telephone: 545-0780

Oscars offers European food
Le Cafe is at the south end of the Viewing Mall
Sakuraya is a traditional Japanese restaurant
All restaurants are open at 8.00am
Sakuraya has a bar lounge

PART 8. Read an extract from this letter and make questions for these answers.

Dear Libby,

Here I am deep in Mexico! It’s six in the evening, and nearly time for dinner. Pippa is looking at the map and planning tomorrow’s adventures.

We arrived in Mexico City at 11.30pm on Wednesday night. We decided to stay in an expensive hotel because this was our first night in a new country. Next day we did a few sights – governmental palace, textile museum etc. Then we caught a bus to Xela. It’s four hours by bus and we got there about 9.00p.m. Unfortunately it was dark so we couldn’t see the volcanoes and lakes as we drove up into the mountains.

At 11.30pm on Wednesday night.
A Palace and museum.
It’s four hours by bus.
About 9.00pm.
Because it was dark.