Are the statements below true (T) or false (F)?

Emma took her exams yesterday.
Emma’s mother lives in Oxford.
Her parents do not live together.
Emma has got a brother and a sister.
Her brother is twelve years younger than Emma.
Emma’s brother likes to play football.
He doesn’t go to school yet.
Emma’s father lives in Edinburgh.
They often spend holidays together with their father.
Emma is fond of pop music.

READING- 6 баллов

Read the article about the history of coffee drinking and circle the correct answer, a, b or c.

Time for coffee

The story of coffee drinking is one of the greatest and most fascinating in history. Millions of coffee drinkers worldwide cannot imagine life without a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning. Coffee is a natural stimulant which makes us feel more awake, alert and ready to concentrate.

The qualities of mocca, as coffee was once known, were first discovered in Ethiopia more than one thousand years ago. However, it was not Africans but Turks and Arabs who actively encouraged coffee drinking. The habit of coffee drinking quickly spread throughout the Arab world, where coffee won a reputation as the wine of Islam.

Coffee was first grown in Yemen. It was popular with Turks who served the drink to visiting Italian merchants. In 1615 traders from Venice brought coffee to Europe, where it was originally sold as a medicine. By the end of the sixteenth century coffee was drunk in major European cities from Paris to London. Now, around the world there are different methods of preparing coffee, for example, in Turkey coffee is traditionally boiled three times while Italians are the inventors of espresso and cappuccino.

We drink coffee because of its aroma, taste and stimulating effect. However, extensive consumption of coffee may be harmful to our health, for instance, it may increase one’s blood pressure or make one’s heart beat irregularly. Fortunately, new brands of coffee have been appearing on the market recently. As they do not contain substances harmful to health, many people will not have to give up their coffee-drinking habits.

1 Coffee was discovered

a in Europe.

b in Africa.

c in Asia.

2 Coffee drinking was popularized by

a the Ethiopians.

b the Italians.

c the Turks.

3 Coffee was first grown

a in Italy.

b in Turkey.

c in Yemen.

4 In Europe, coffee was popular as

a a medicine.

b the wine of Islam.

c a natural stimulant.

5 By the end of the sixteenth century people drank coffee

a in northern Europe.

b in the most important European cities.

c in Paris and London only.

6 New brands of coffee

a are as harmful as the original mocca.

b are less harmful than regular coffee.

c may influence our concentration ability.

USE OF ENGLISH -14 баллов

Task 1

Choose the right variant

1. I __________ 50 years old in 2030.

A is B am C will be D am being

2 There aren’t __________ students in the class today.

A much B some C many D none

3 Excuse me? Can I buy __________ green apples please?

A a few B less C a bit D a little

4 Sorry, we have __________ green apples.

A no B none C any D nothing

5 Sorry, I __________ here on Thursday. I have to go to the dentist.

A is B ’m C ’ll be D won’t be

6 __________ my brothers live in the U.S.A.

A Neither B Both C Any D None

7 When it rains we __________ inside.

A go B went C are going D goes

8 What __________ you do if there is a blackout?

A shall B will C are D have

9 If you throw a stone into the water, it __________.

A sinks B sank C sunk D is sinking

Task 2

Read the text and then write the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete the gaps.

Example: 0 __beautifully__


I have a Dutch friend who speaks English (0)… . I have BEAUTY

always wondered how the Dutch manage to learn languages so (1) … . SUCCESS

The Dutch, like the Germans, often speak English (2) … WELL

than some native speakers or at least they seem

to speak the language more (3) … CORRECT

than some English people. If you want to speak English (4) … FLUENCY

with a reasonable accent, you should listen to tapes as frequently as possible.

There are no magic solutions but you (5) … SIMPLICITY

have to work hard at the new language.

WRITING -13 баллов

Write a description of a sports event you have seen recently. Look at the options below and choose one event. Divide your text into paragraphs.


a football match a car race a swimming competition a dance tournament


where the event took place;
who took part in it and how they looked;
when it started;
who went with you to see it;
how you liked the event;
what you did at the event;
when and how the event finished;
how you got home.

Useful linking words: before, after, when, as soon as, later, firstly, while, after that, suddenly, next, then, finally, in the end.

Write about 90-100 words

При оценке Вашего письменного сообщения будут учитываться следующие критерии:

-решение коммуникативной задачи, наличие ответов на все поставленные в задании вопросы, использование не менее 4-х предложенных слов-связок (максимум 4 балла);

-организация текста, последовательность изложения (максимум 2 балла);

-правильное лексическое оформление письменной речи (максимум 2 балла);

-правильное использование грамматики (максимум 3 балла);

-соблюдение правил орфографии (максимум 2 балла).



Общее количество баллов_____________

LISTENING-10 баллов











READING-6 баллов







USE OF ENGLISH-14 баллов

Task 1 Task 2















WRITING- 13 баллов

Write about 90-100 words


Общее количество слов_______________________