Read the text and complete the sentences.

Youngsters in Robertson, New Wales, in Australia, wanted to help their town. So they formed the Robertson Tidy Town Youth Committee. They plant trees, clean up parks and paint playgrounds. Last year the members of the Committee earned an award of the Keep Australia Beautiful Council.

When Hilary Spivach was small, her mother made a doll’s house for her. Not long ago, Hilary and her mother decided to help children in Ethiopia. They sold the doll’s house and raised 805 dollars – enough money to feed 15 starving children for a year.

Heather Brackeen and her friend, Stacey Smith, are good at weaving. So they decided to start their own business they opened their own shop in Heather’s bedroom.

“When people see our work and tell us how pretty it is,” say the girls, “we feel proud. It is really wonderful to do something with your own hands.”

The children live in ________
They do ____ work
Hilary’s mother made a __________ for her.
Heather and Stacey decided to start ________ .
The children wanted to ______.
Last year they earned _______.
Hillary and her mother sold________ .
They raised ____ dollars.
It is wonderful to make something with ________.


Put the right word.

Ann plays the piano … . She is a … girl. (nice, nicely)
The weather is … . they met us … . (warm, warmly)
He goes to school … . he has … trainings. (regular, regularly)
“Gone with the wind” is an … film. The actors played … . (excellent, excellently)
He could … work. He worked … . (hard, hardly)


Choose the right answer.

Who is the author of Harry Potter books?

a) Rowling b)Tolkien c) Wilde

What is the name of a man the monument to whom stands in Trafalgar Square?

a)Nelson b)Chaplin c)Cromwell

3. What’s the name of the Princess of Wales who died in a car crash in Paris?

a)Debby b) Dolly c) Diana

4. The traditional English drink is ____.

a)coffee b) cocoa c) tea

5. What river does London stand on?

a) the Thames b) the Severn c) the Clyde

6. The kilt is _____.

a) a shirt b) a skirt c) trousers