Read the text and complete the sentences.

The British have been known as great tea drinkers since the early time. They drink tea all the time in the morning and in the evening. They drink tea in cold winter and in sunny days. Tea was first brought to England in 1650. It was an exotic product unknown to most of people. At first they neither knew what to do with the leaves nor how to make it. There’s a funny story about a sailor’s mother. The sailor brought tea leaves home from the journey and left them on the table in the sitting – room. While he was out his mother invited some guests. The sailor was surprised to see the guests eating tea leaves with water.

Nowadays the British have afternoon tea and high tea. They drink it without sugar with milk, but some of them do it even without milk

The text is about ________ .
The British are known ____ .
They drink tea in __________ .
Some people didn’t know ________ .
Nowadays ______.
Real English tea is _______.


Put the right word.

Making New Year’s resolutions is (1.a tradition /a habit) (2. connected /observed) with the New Year.

Easter is (3. a tradition/a holiday) when people (4. make /dye) eggs and go to the church.

The New Year is not as (5. widely / noisily) (6. connected / celebrated) as Christmas.

Attending Stonehenge by the Druids is an (7. modern / ancient) (8. custom / festival).


Choose the right answer.

1. What is the name of a man the monument to whom stands in Trafalgar Square?

a)Nelson b)Chaplin c)Cromwell

2. The traditional English drink is ____.

a)coffee b) cocoa c) tea

3. What river does London stand on?

a) the Thames b) the Severn c) the Clyde

4. What’s the name of the Princess of Wales who died in a car crash in Paris?

a)Debby b) Dolly c) Diana

5. The kilt is _____.

a) a shirt b) a skirt c) trousers