Time: 45 minutes

Part I

Read the text and match up two halves of sentences below.

A Town Without Smoke

In the Australian town of Jonesborough in Queensland something very unusual happened: smoking was forbidden for two days. People who were seen with a cigarette, cigar or a pipe, had to pay money into a fund against cancer. In most shops and supermarkets you could only buy tobacco if you paid some extra money into that fund.

The experiment was so unusual that a lot of people and journalists from almost all newspapers in the country came to witness it, because there were plans to do the same in other towns. When the people of Jonesborough were asked for their opinion about the experiment, some answered that they welcomed it. They said that there should be a general ban on smoking for health reasons. They explained that too many workers had to retire early because of it and cost the country more money that it received from tobacco tax. On the other hand, some people were against the ban and said they could not do without their daily ration of tobacco. They had to pay money into the fund.

All in all, the reporters found out that those who did not smoke were for the ban and those who smoked were against it. The number of people who actually stopped smoking was very small, so it is questionable whether other towns will carry out the experiment.

Have you heard about the unusual thing that happened in
Yes, I read in a newspaper
I think that was a good idea
I have heard that journalists from everywhere in the country came
People were only allowed to smoke
A lot of people said
Doctors found out
The country has to spend more money on smokers` illnesses
People who were for experiment

10.It is not quite definite

than it gets from taxes.
a town in Australia?
because smoking is very unhealthy.
if they paid some extra money.
that many smokers had to give up their job because of poor health.
did not smoke.
whether other cities will make the same experiment.
that smoking should be forbidden
to witness the experiment.
that smoking was not allowed there for a few days.

Part II

Read the text and mark the sentences true or false.

Police Spell Out Graffiti Mania Fears

A secret police report has built up a profile of the typical graffiti vandal. It seems that the average vandal is usually a male, aged 15 to 19, from poor family.

His “addictive habit” costs million of pounds every year, according to the report by British Transport Police anti – graffiti squad. They estimate that more than & 2 million is spent cleaning trains in London alone.

The report suggests that graffiti is the work of small groups. They are motivated by the need to get attention by making some form of statement. More than a third of the vandals who are caught do it again, which suggests that graffiti is addictive.

The survey of 150 graffiti vandals arrested last year showed that 40 per sent of offenders are university students or still at school – and 99 per sent are male. Just over 17 per sent are unemployed.

The report says graffiti is dangerous – four youngsters have been killed while trying to paint trains in the Underground.

The police have been visiting schools and writing to parents to try and prevent young people becoming vandals. They are also using handwriting experts to identify the “tags” of graffiti artists. In London alone there were over 150 graffiti arrests last year, but police recognize the vandals will continue unless they are stopped, because graffiti writing is so addictive.

Most graffiti vandals are men.___________
The police do not use handwriting experts. _______________
The majority of graffiti vandals are students. ______________
It is easy for graffiti vandals to stop. _________________
Graffiti writing can be dangerous._____________
Graffiti writing is against the law._________________
Graffiti artists act in big groups. _____________________
Graffiti is a form of statement.____________
There were 150 graffiti arrests last year. _______________

10.Forty per cent of 150 arrested vandals are unemployed. ______________


Time: 45 minutes

Task I

Complete the sentences with the correct variant of the main verb.

Usually I ____________ the violin but now I ____________ the piano.

play, am playing
am playing, play

He _________ in the garden when Tom __________.

sat, was coming
was sitting, came

________ you _______ the article yet?

Haven`t, read
Haven`t, being readong

I ______ a message from Kelly last Saturday.

have got

The book wasn`t so heavy as he ________ .

has thought
had thought

my mither wasn`t at the shop when I ____________ .

had come

Some smiling men _______ the piano.

were playing
had played

We _______ for about an hour when it started to rain.

were playing
had been playing

For long months she _______ his secret.

had been keeping
had kept

If we _____ the 10.30 train, we _____ too early.

catch, shall arrive
shall catch, arrive

We _____a party. ______ you _____?

shall have, Are…coming
are having, Will … come

Do you know when they ____?

would come
will come

By the time we come they ________.

will be going
will have gone

They _______ for you at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

will have waited
will be waiting
will have been waiting

James said that he ______ a horse before.

never rode
had never ridden

Task II

Arrange the words in pairs of synonyms.

realize a) fine
wealth b) riches
announce c) offer
immediately d) pick up
talk e) understand
suggest f) at once
lift g) declare
spot h) chat
excellent i) monument j) place

Task III

Find the Russian equivalents of the following English proverbs

All cats are gray in the dark.
The bait hides the hook.
A bird may be known by its song.
Small rain lays great dust.
A cat may look as a king.

Видна птица по полёту.
За погляд денег не берут.
Ночью все кошки серы.
Посеешь дождь, пожнёшь бурю.
Мягко стелет, да жестко спать.


Time: 45 minutes

You have just come from an exciting trip in the mountains. Write a letter to your friend in the United States and share your impressions. Mind the rules of letter writing.

You should write 150 – 200 words.


Task I

(Monologue: Time :1,5 – 2 minutes)

Give a talk about sport and healthy way of life

Remember to say:

* what does it mean to you to be healthy

* why are people so much concentrated about vitamins

* what unusual sports do you know.

Task II

(Dialogue: Time: 3 – 5 minutes )

You are going camping with a group of school mates. Talk it over with your partner. Discuss the things you are going to take with you and your itinerary.



Time: 30 minutes

Task I

You will now hear the girl’s monologue about leaving away from home. Listen and answer questions 1 -10 ( true or false).

How does it feel to move away from home?

Hello, my name is Diana. I am going to tell you how it feels to move away from home where you’ve lived all your life. Some people likes places where they live, others don’t, but, of course, we all get used to the same routine and become comfortable where we are. And while moving we leave something behind which can be friends, family or even items close to us. Work is very important for my parents and they both have good careers. Usually one of them is off on a business trip somewhere. Finally we had to follow our father’s career, so, recently we moved from Brighton to Bristol. At first I did not like the idea because I was comfortable in my house. We have lived here for 17 years! I did not think I would like the new house or the area because it is nothing like my old area. But change is always quite a good thing, I believe. Besides, I have not seen a lot of different places in my life. There are many good things about moving. The environment is so different here in Bristol. Now I realize that life here is much better, I think. I have met a lot of new people, have been to new places. Our house become a little bit bigger here, it is good, and my room has become more comfortable. And now I just feel much more prepared for the real world in a way, I guess. But there are also many disadvantages to the move. I am feeling some sadness about being apart from my old Brighton friends, my old college, my everyday life. The fifteen – minute journey to college has now become a long forty- five – minute bus journey. I loved being so close to my college find it can be tiring travelling so far by bus. But it’s not so bad because I can plan a lot of different things while I am on a bus. Besides, this is not for long: in a year my parents are going to buy me a car. Actually, it’s taking my brother longer to adapt to the move. When we are on one of our long bus journeys, he often tells me the bus journey is too long and he misses the old house. I just tell him that we will have a car soon to make him feel better and in time he will probably like the new area! Even if you think that it is not a god idea, give it a shot because ten to one you will love it more than staying where you are! And now I am excited about what lies ahead. New place, here I come!

Diana liked the idea of moving from the very beginning._________
Now Diana’s family has a bigger house. __________
Diana has a brother. __________
Diana has traveled a lot. ___________
Her parents don’t want to buy her a car. ______
Diana tries to make her brother feel better. _____
Diana’s brother is not positive about their move. ________
Diana doesn’t want to move anywhere again. _________
It takes Diana an hour to get her new college. _________

10. Diana’s parents have success in their jobs. _________