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Lexical Grammar Test

I. (1 point for each item) Read the text. Choose the correct item.

1. A young lady was ___ for a concert. a) late b) lately

2. The curtain was ___ up. a) already b) still

3. The conductor was just ___ his hand. a) raising b) rising

4. The attendant (билетер) did not want to let the young lady ___ the concert-hall during the performance. a) enter b) leave

5. “But I`ll stand at ___ back and not make any noise,” she said. a) a b) the

6. “I want to ___ to the new symphony of this composer.” a) hear b) listen

7. Open the door ___ little, please.” – “That`s the trouble, madam,” said the attendant.

a) a b) –

“If I open the door now, half the audience will run out.”

II. (2 points for each item) Fill in the gaps with the word derived from the words in bold.

e.g. 0. You are so (0)… today! BEAUTY

0. beautiful

8. … I failed my driving test and have to take some more lessons. FORTUNE


9. There are very few polar bears left on our planet. They are … animals. DANGER


10. Sam likes … kinds of sport: football, tennis, ice-hockey and others. DIFFER


III. (2 points for each item) Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form. Между словами ставим один пробел. Записываем/вводим только необходимую форму глагола возле соответствующего номера! Частицу ‘not’ не сокращать и обстоятельства времени не записывать!

– I usually don`t have breakfast before I (11)____________ (go) to work.

– When the doorbell (12) ____________ (ring) he (13) ____________ (stand) up and (14) ____________ (go) to the door.

– Are you the boy whose dog was barking all night long? – I`m sorry, but you (15) ____________ (be) mistaken, sir. I never (16) ____________ (have) a dog.

– If it (17)____________(not to stop) raining we won`t be able to go boating tomorrow.

IV. (2 points for each item) It`s very important to be polite. Choose the correct reply to the given phrase. Вводим/записываем только БУКВУ правильного варианта ответа возле соответствующего номера!

18. ___

19. ___

20. ___

21. ___

22. ___

V. (2 points for each item) How well do you know Britain? Choose the correct variant(s).

23. How many countries does the UK consist of?

a) 3 b) 4 c) 5

24. The UK consists of … .

a) the Republic of Ireland

b) Northern Ireland

c) Wales

d) Scotland

e) England

f) Iceland

25. What plant is the symbol of England?

26. When was the Great Fire of London?

Test on Listening Comprehension

Ссылка на звуковой файл аудирования

Ссылка на текст аудирования

100 years of football


an amateur – любитель

a foul – фол, нарушение

a first division team – главный состав команды

be worth – сто́ит

expenses – траты, расходы

valuable property – ценная собственность

VI. (1 point for each item) Mark the sentences as TRUE or FALSE.

27. Nowadays in Britain a football player is an amateur.

a) true b) false

28. 100 years ago football players didn`t get any money for playing.

a) true b) false

29. In the 21st century football is great business in Great Britain.

a) true b) false

VII. (1 point for each item) Choose the correct answer to the question.

30. When did people play football one hundred years ago?

a) on Sundays b) on Saturdays c) on Thursdays

31. What was more important in football 100 years ago: playing or winning?

a) playing b) winning

32. In present times clubs spend a lot of money on training good players, don`t they?

a) Yes, they do. b) No, they don`t.

Total number: 51 points.