7-8 классы

TIME 60 min

Task I. For questions 1-12, fill in the blanks using the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line.


Results of a resent survey show that one third of Americans believe in telepathy – … (1), that is, between two people without using any of the five senses. 25% of Americans claim to have … (2) had a … (3) experience. Knowing who’s on the phone when it rings is probably the most common everyday experience of this kid. Yet … (4) guessing who is on the phone before you answer it should … (5) be a matter of great surprise. Given the … (6) number of people who call any one of us in a year, and given our … (7) of how long it is since someone last called us, we could make a … (8) guess as to who will ring us next.

Laboratory results are also … (9) with anecdotal accounts. Even professional mind-readers fail to repeat what seem … (10) results under … (11) conditions. No experiment has shown results higher than would be predicted by the laws of … (12).












Task II. For questions 13 – 23, choose the correct word for each space.

Levi Strauss

In 1853, Levi Strauss … (13) to San Francisco from New York. His brothers … (14) a business there selling pillows, blankets and clothes and Levi went to help them. He worked … (15) and, over the … (16) twenty years, he expanded the business.

… (17) day in 1872, Levi … (18) a letter from Jacob Davis who made men’s clothes. In the letter Jacob … (19) Levi about a difficult customer. He kept … (20) tearing the pockets of his trousers. Jacob had a found an answer – he had added some metal to the corners of the pockets. Levi recognized a business opportunity … (21) the two men started working together. They decided to … (22) some trousers out of denim, a material which was suitable for working clothes. The first pair of denim blue jeans … (23) produced in 1873. Today people all around the world wear Levi jeans every day.

13. a. travelled b. departed c. toured d. visited

14. a. commanded b. ran c. influenced d. controlled

15. a. long b. strong c. heavy d. hard

16. a. next b. later c. last d. final

17. a. That b. One c. A d. The

18. a. realized b. fetched c. got d. gave

19. a. said b. told c. discussed d. described

20. a. on b. at c. up d. in

21. a. while b. but c. so d. since

22. a. making b. made c. makes d. make

23. a. was b. is c. did d. had

Task III

For questions 24-28 match the headlines (6-10) to the world problems (A-E).

24. Huge iceberg breaks free in South Pole

25. African elephants protected from hunters

26. Air quality below recommended levels in most cities

27. Locusts destroy crops in China

28. Government housing programmes for those in need






Task IV. For questions 29-33 use the phrases (A-E) below to complete the dialogue.

A You don’t really believe that, do you?

B There is nothing to be anxious about.

C Why, what’s the matter?

D I didn’t know you were so superstitious!

E But… what’s troubling you?

Jane: I can’t believe how unlucky I am!

Jake: 29 __________

Jane: Well, it’s my birthday on Friday, and I’d like to have a garden party.

Jake: Great idea! 30 ___________

Jane: It’s Friday the 13th!

Jake: So?

Jane: You don’t understand! Friday the 13th means trouble! The party will go wrong!

Jake: 31 ___________

Jane: Yes, I do. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same!

Jake: 32 ___________ Let me guess….. full moons, black cats, spiders, ladders are also a problem, right?

Jane: It’s not funny at all! This is really worrying me…

Jake: 33 ___________ Everything will be alright.