A live music performance is always inferior to a studio recording

People love music, the youth cannot even live without their favorite music. Sometimes it is better to enjoy a live music performance, though in some cases people prefer studio recordings dew to a good quality. Live concerts may have worse sound.

From my point of view, a studio recording is better than a live music show. The first argument in favor of studio recordings is the absence of the noise of the crowd. The second one is that studio equipment creates the best sound quality. One more very important reason is the work of the sound director, which results in the music that we love listening.

However, there are many music lovers prefer live performances for a couple of reasons. Firstly, true fans of the singers would like to hear actual voices. Besides, they need to share their excitement with the crowd around them. That is why they visit live concerts.

Nevertheless, I do not agree whith these arguments, because they are not convincing for me. This is exactly owing to the crowd noise that I would rather listen to recordings.

In conclusion I would like to agree that live performances sound inferior in comparison with a studio recordings. Therefore, I usually prefer listening to albums of my favorite singers than to visit their conserts.

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