Filmgoers should rely on reviews when choosing a film to see

Some people claim that it is necessary to look through reviews before choosing a film to see, while others argue that a short overview of film-description will be enough or not necessary at all. In this essay, I will try to look upon this issue.

From my point of view, it is better for filmgoers to browse some reviews primarily. Firstly, people, who leave feedbacks about different films, usually give very useful recommendations with reasoning if to see particular film or not. This provides full understanding of how interesting or boring the movie may be. Secondly, reviews usually help to choose the right film to watch relying on individual preferences. And the last but not the least is that paying attention to the feedbacks may prevent film-lovers from wasting their time on worthless film-session. That is why I vote for giving due consideration to the feedbacks.

However, some people believe that it is useless to read reviews. They support their opinion by the fact that it is meaningless to rely on perspectives of others. It is essential for them to form a view on their own. Besides, there are plenty of spoilers in the reviews. These arguments make people think about the disadvantages of reading feedbacks.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with these arguments. This is exactly owing to my belief that it is better to trust people who are writing reviews than to waste hours on boring or pointless movie.

In conclusion, I would like to state that filmgoers should rely on reviews because it is very beneficial. Therefore, I always look through it before choosing a film as a matter of course.

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