Childhood is the safest period of human life

Childhood is usually considered to be the happiest part of life. Some people are convinced that childhood years are also the most secure time in people’s lives. However, others believe that childhood period is rather dangerous.

As far as I am concerned, childhood years are the least dangerous time. Firstly, a child is almost always surrounded by older relatives such as parents, grandparents, elder sisters and brothers who look after him/her and prevent any danger. Thus, a child is safe. Secondly, kids are strongly protected not only by their families but also by the government and have a wide range of rights. Hence, a child’s safety is ensured at the state level.

However, some people do not quite share my point of view. According to these people, childhood might be an unsafe time of life since there are a number of illnesses that may endanger the lives of kids who have weaker immune systems than adults.

Nonetheless, I cannot quite agree with my opponents’ point of view. To begin with, children are vaccinated during infancy, which lowers the risk of getting ill. Furthermore, preserving the health of kids is the main responsibility of their parents.

To sum it all up, I would like to say that the period of childhood is the most harmless time in life. Although a number of people do not share my point of view, I strongly believe that a lot of grown-ups dream of going back to the time when they were safe and protected children.

By Алиска Панич

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