Due to accessible credits you can afford anything you want

Money plays an important role in people’s lives. There is a popular opinion that available loans give an opportunity to get whatever you wish. Some people agree with it, while others are convinced that taking loans only does harm.

As far as I am concerned, credits do not provide people with a possibility to have anything they desire. Firstly, loans give people a sense on independence which is not real since they have to pay out those loans. Not all people are able to do so and therefore they have problems, some even begin to avoid payments and hide. Secondly, taking loans may make people get into debts or get addicted to them since people begin to like the thought of being able to have everything they want and forget about the possible consequences.

However, some people do not quite share my point of view. According to these people, accessible credits make people able to buy something they need immediately or solve an urgent problem.

Nonetheless, I cannot quite agree with my opponents’ point of view. I hold the idea that by taking a credit to solve one financial problem people create a new one since after all they still have to pay more than they’ve taken. Furthermore, by taking a loan people make themselves dependent on banks which may be seen as some kind of slavery.

To sum up, I would like to say that accessible loans have more disadvantages than benefits. Although a number of people do not quite share my point of view, I strongly believe that people should not look for easy ways and earn on their own.

By Алиска Панич

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