Контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс 4 четверть с ответами

Read the text.

Get hungry — проголодаться

Receive guests – принимать гостей

Motto – девиз

Hello. My name is Eddy. I think I hold healthy life. Let me tell you something about it. I don’t get up very early but I usually start my day with exercises. I go out and run about my house twenty times. Then I get hungry and have breakfast. I have a big glass of orange juice and some porridge. At about one I have my lunch. At lunch I eat a lot of vegetables: cabbage, carrots, peas, fresh cucumbers, a piece of bread and a cup of tea without sugar, of course. Sometimes I don’t have any lunch, but it is not healthy at all. It happens when I’m busy in the city. I don’t like to eat out. I sometimes have dinner in the evening when I’m hungry or when I have guests at home. I don’t like to receive guests because we usually eat a lot of meat and fish and other tasty but unhealthy things which don’t help you to be fit. My motto is: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Answer the questions.

How many times does Eddy run around his house?
What does he eat to keep fit?
Why doesn’t Eddy like to eat out?
Why doesn’t the boy like to have guests at home?
What is Eddy’s motto?

II. Past Simple or Past Continuous? Open the brackets.

1. — What were you doing at seven o’clock yesterday?

— We ___________(play) tennis.

2. But _____________ you _____________ at twelve? (not study)

3. While I ___________(talk) to my teacher, she was riding a bike round us.

4. When I __________(come) into the room, all the guests were watching a

movie and laughing loudly

5. When I entered the classroom, only one girl _____________(sit) at her place.

III. Fill in the gaps using the correct form of pronouns.

Tell …(1) to come at 5 o’clock. We shall be waiting for …(2) . He is …(3) good friend. We have known …(4) for a long time and …(5) shall be glad to see him.

IV. Ann has told you about her trip. Retell her short story using Reported Speech. Begin your story with the words: «Ann told me that …»

«(1) I’ve just come back from Karelia! (2) Oh, it was such a wonderful trip! (3) I want to go there again. (4) I met many new friends there. (5) Will you go there with me next summer?»

V. What words are missing?

probably spread exists

invented hold

He can’t _____________ the dog! Help him.
Do you really believe that Santa Claus _____________?

I do, and don’t you?

I know he ___________ something but I don’t remember what exactly.
Will you join us? – Well, ________________ …
But how could that news _______________ so quickly?

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