Контрольная работа по английскому языку 8 класс 3 четверть с ответами

Раздел «Аудирование».

Task 1. Listen to 2 teenagers talking about their jobs. Fill in the table.



Where dose he/she work?

How much is he/she paid?

What do they spend their money on?

Раздел «Чтение».

Task 2: Read the text and do the task.

MIKE: I’m going on a camping holiday in Scotland. I like walking and climbing. At night I’ll camp. If it’s raining, I’ll stay in a Youth Hostel. They are cheap, but you must get up early and help with the breakfast.

JOHN: I’m going to a sailing school in the Lake District. I like yachting and canoeing. We’ll stay in a mountain chalet. We’ll have sailing lessons every day.

SALLY: I’m going on archaeological dig in Cornwall. I love history. We’re digging for Camelot at South Cadbury. Camelot was King Arthur’s castle. It’s hard work, but you meet a lot of people.

CHRISTINE: I’m going on a canal holiday. My father steers the boat. I’ll lie on the deck and sunbathe. I hope it doesn’t rain!

TOM: Now we have summer holidays to look forward to. Mark and I are planning to go off with a couple of friends on a bicycling holiday. I think I have persuaded Mum and Dad to let us go. We are planning to go to Ireland for a week. We’ll take the bikes and our camping gear but if it rains I expect we’ll have to stay in hostels. Apparently there are loads of hostels in the part of Ireland we’re planning to visit and they don’t cost a fortune. We’ll go across on the ferry from Wales – it takes all night. Then we will bicycle around the coast. We’ll probably do about 30 miles a day. Let’s hope it doesn’t pour with rain! It should be fun – I hope!

Fill in the table:

Information about the teenagers

The names of the teenagers

This person is fond of history

This person will travel by bike

This person enjoys sailing

This person prefers camping

This person likes sunbathing

Раздел « Лексика и Грамматика».

Task 3. Put in “the” where necessary.

1. We live on ____(1)__ Earth. 2. Many people dream about traveling in ___(2)____ space. 3. __(3)____Russia is situated in ___(4)____ Europe and ___(5)__ Asia. 4. There are 50 states in ___(6)___ USA. 5. He is going to see ___(7)___ Alps. 6. ____(8)__Volga flows into ___(9)__ Caspian Sea.

Task 4. Open the brackets using Past Continuous or Past Simple.

When I (come) home, my mother (cook) dinner.
Yesterday at 2 o’clock I (prepare) for my English test.

Task 5. Open the brackets using Past Perfect or Past Simple.

Helen (do) it by 10 o’clock yesterday.
She (translate) the article before the film (begin).

Task 6: Continue the sentences. Use Conditional II or III :

If we cut down fewer forests, the air (be) clean.
If you ( give) him the money, he would have spent all of them.

Task 7 : Write the sentences in reported speech:

Tom said: “The book is worth reading.”
Martin said: “We had a wonderful party yesterday.”
Teacher asked: “Where do you live?”

Task 8 : Fill in “to” if necessary:

We want you … join our organization.
She made her son … read the letter.

Task 9 : Use an appropriate pronoun: some, any, much, many:

I haven’t got some/any milk.
I met some/any interesting people last night.
How many/much eggs do we need?
How many/much salt do we put in?

Task 10: Use Gerund or Infinitive:

He enjoys (to watch/ watching) cartoons.
We want (to eat/ eating).
This book is worth (to read/ reading).

Раздел «Письмо».

Task 11. Write a postcard to your pen friend from the English-speaking country and send greetings to him /her on a holiday (New year, Christmas, birthday… )


Task 1. Wendy: at the baker’s shop; 5 ponds per hour (20 pounds per 4 hours); for a holiday in France

David: do a newspaper round; 30 pounds per week; for a new guitar

Task 2. 1. Sally 2. Tom 3. John 4. Mike 5. Christine

Task 3. 1. the 2. — 3. — 4. – 5. — 6. the 7. the 8. the 9. the

Task 4. 1 came, was cooking; 2 was preparing ;

Task 5. 1 had done; 2 had translated, began ; 3 saw; 4 ha seen, happened.

Task 6. 1. Would be 2. Had given

Task 7: 1. Tom said the book was worth reading. 2. Martin said they had had a wonderful party the day before. 3. Teacher asked where they lived.

Task 8: 1. to 2. –

Task 9: 1. any 2. some 3. many 4. Much

Task 10: 1. watching 2. to eat 3. reading


D: Where do you earn your pocket money?

W: At the baker’s shop at the corner of my street.

D: How much do you get?

W: Oh, not much. The owner pays me 5 pounds an hour. So if I work for 4 hours, I get 20 pounds.

D: Well, that’s not bad. I only get 30 pounds a week for working every morning.

W: I didn’t now you work too. What do you do?

D: I do a newspaper round.

W: Don’t you have to get up early before school, to do that?

D: Yes, I get up at half past 6 every morning.

W: That’s why you nearly fell asleep in Maths yesterday. Don’t you have to get up early on Sundays, too?

D: Yes, Sunday is the busiest day of all. Everyone has more papers on Sunday because they have more time to read them. But it’s worth it. I’ll be able to buy a new guitar in a month.

W: I’m trying to save for a holiday in France. We want to go there with my friend Jane who walks dogs to earn money.

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