Контрольная работа по английскому языку 8 класс в конце года с ответами

I.A Грамматика

1. I bought a new dress last week, but I _______ it yet.

haven’t worn b) wore c) hasn’t worn d) didn’t wear

2. While my son _____ for my call, somebody knocked at the door.

a) waited b) was waiting c) is waiting d) waits

3. She was the most delightful person I ______.

a) ever met b) has ever met c) met d) had ever met

4. If I had one million dollars, I probably ____ a yacht.

a) would buy b) will buy c) bought d) have bought

5. I _____ a terrible time last Saturday.

a) have b) had had c) had d) would have

6. We enjoy ______ shopping.

a) to going b) to go c) go d) going

7. If Columbus hadn’t had such a passion for travelling, he _____ America in 1492.

a) hadn’t discover b) wouldn’t have discovered c) discovered d) didn’t discover

8. That was the ____ movie I had ever seen.

a) worst b) bad c) worse d) worser

B. Лексика. Прочитайте текст. Выберите правильный ответ.

George Washington

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. When he was born, America 9) _____ a country yet. It belonged to England, a country across the ocean. People in America didn’t want to belong (принадлежать) to England so they fought a war to be 10) _______. George Washington was an American general in the war. America won the war and picked a new name for 11)_____: the United States of America. George Washington 12) ______ to be its first president.

A legend 13) ______ about Washington as a boy. Young George had a new hatchet (топорик) and with it he cut down a small cherry tree. When his father saw the tree, he was angry. “George”, he said. “Did you do that?” George was afraid to admit that he did.

But the boy decided to tell the truth. “Yes, Father,” he said, “I cut down the cherry tree 14)_____ my hatchet. I cannot tell a lie.” George Washington’s father was proud of him because he was 15)_____.

9. a) hasn’t been b) was not c) didn’t be d) not been

10. a) independ b) dependent c) independent d) depend

11. a) her b) it c) herself d) itself

12. a) was elected b) elected c) has been elected d) has elected

13. a) tells b) is told c) told d) is said

14. a)by b) with c) for d) from

15. a) untruthful b) true c) truth d) truthful

II. Чтение текста. Прочитайте текст. Закончите предложения.

Shopping in London

London has many large department stores, which sell everything: shoes, paper and perfume, fur courts and frying pans. The most expensive department store is Harrods in Knightsbridge. You can buy almost anything in Harrods, and you know you are getting the best. Twice a year, in January and July, Harrods has a “sale”. Some things are almost half-price, and there are thousands of bargains (скидки). But on the first days of the sale the shop is very crowded. Some people stand and wait all night so they can be first in the shop when it opens.

The smartest and most expensive shops are in Knightsbridge, but more people come to Oxford Street, London’s most popular shopping centre. The street is more than a mile long. There are several big department stores in Oxford Street. The best known are Selfridges, John Lewis and D.H. Evans. Oxford Street has the most shops, but in some ways King’s Road in Chelsea is more fun. This is where fashionable young Londoners buy their clothes in many small “boutiques”.

You can buy what you like in the big shops, but the small markets have a lot to offer too. There are several big street markets in London, and many small ones. Some markets are open only one day a week. Go to the Portobello on Saturday, or to Petticoat Lane on Sunday. Covent Garden market is open every day. Come here for antiques, old clothes, hand-made jewelry and many other things.

Large department stores in London

Are very expensive
Are very crowded
Sell all kinds of clothes
Sell all kinds of things

During the sale at department stores

People are ready to wait for a long time
The shops are open at night
You can get the best things
You can buy cheap perfume

Most people in London prefer to do the shopping in

Petticoat Lane
Oxford Street

Young people can find fashionable things in

King’s Road
Covent Garden
D.H. Evans

You can do the shopping in London

In the big shops
In the street markets
Anywhere you like
In Oxford Street

III. Аудирование. Вы услышите 5 коротких текстов. Установите их соответствие с вопросами. Один лишний.

What’s your job?

Which of them has a job of a …?

Shop assistant

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