Social media interaction is important for modern teenagers

Nowadays the Internet has a huge influence on people’s lives. Some people are convinced that communicating through social networks is essential for today’s youth. However, others hold the idea that interacting on digital platforms is unnecessary for the teens.

As far as I am concerned, social media have a much bigger role to play in all interactions of teenagers with the public than heretofore for a few reasons. Firstly, social media is a way for teenagers to stay in touch and bond with their friends through different messaging services. Secondly, social media apps may be used by teenagers to express themselves by sharing their articles, thoughts, photos with a chance of a feedback.

However, some people do not quite share my point of view. According to them, social media communication is not essential for adolescents since it may disconnect them from the real world by taking up a great amount of their spare time.

Nonetheless, I do not agree with my opponents’ point of view. I believe that having interactions through digital platforms is vital for young people because it helps them to develop better social skills, feel less isolated and improve their self-esteem.

To sum it all up, I would like to say that communication in the Net plays a significant role in teenagers’ lives. I firmly believe that being socially connected is important for the psychological development of young people, and in this day and age, online environment helps them greatly.

By Алиска Панич

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